Live Music & Entertainment Policies & Info

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Thank you for providing music & entertainment for our café!  We are stoked you’re here to read about how we do things. Please contact Liam or Kyle for any questions.

Liam Grist (808) 298-2725, Cafe owner/partner with Danny
Kyle Raney (619) 244-4089, Music and entertainment manager

Please choose some dates from our calendar on Facebook that may work for you and email us at [email protected] or text Kyle. The booking is only confirmed when the Facebook event is created for the booked event.

We provide a Bose S1 stage monitor, 4 channel mixer with two xlr inputs and two ¼’’ inputs, two microphones and mic stands, a house soundsystem, and a sound tech who helps you setup, keeps your sounding good, and monitors the noise level. Please try to keep the stage area uncluttered. Do not block tables or access to tables with your equipment or baggage.

$50 cash before you start performing.
1 free menu food item and 2 free non-alcoholic drinks.
We are working hard to cut our costs and increase sales to be able to offer performers a more fair and standard fee. Until then we hope you can play for the experience and pleasure of it. Mahalo for your support!

We have a tip jar you can use, but you may bring your own as well. It is best to place the tip jar on stage, where everyone can see it and it is not in the walkway.


Don’t be too loud. We have a strict noise ordinance with the hotel next door. Please don’t bring percussive instruments or amplified bass.
Be respectful to the staff. If we ask you to turn the volume down, or we adjust the settings, keep the volume there.
No alcoholic drinks on stage.
No swearing. We are a family friendly cafe.
No screaming or shouting.
Do not call out or talk poorly of any customers or staff out loud at the cafe
No more than two people on stage at any time

We book entertainment on our calendars from 5-8pm. However, we do not expect you to perform for that entire time. Your soundtech will be at the cafe by no later than 5pm to set you up and any lighting. Musicians typically start at 530pm, take a break around 630pm, and continue to play until 7:30pm or 8pm. We ask you to play for at least an hour, starting no later than 6pm, but are flexible on when you end.

Please notify your sound tech when you plan to take a break. That way we can make sure there is house music is ready to go between your sets.

You are not allowed to smoke in the Nalu Kai carport, in the parking spots, or in front of Paia Bay Coffee. Please do not block the alleyway. Dispose of your waste properly.

Social Media:
We will create a FB event upon confirmation of your performance/entertainment. The event is confirmed when the FB event is created. When we create the event, it automatically gets uploaded to our website and Mauitime is notified. Please “like” our Paia Bay Coffee and Bar Facebook page and friend request Kyle Raney or Liam Grist on facebook so that we can add you as a “co-host” to the event. Please edit the header photo, edit the info about the event, add any photos or media for promo, and invite your friends to the event.

We do not currently offer regular bookings as we are trying to grow the happy hour scene by inviting different and diverse musicians/entertainment each week. Please tell your friends who may be interested in performing here.